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Platinum Universal Company pays big attention to safety and development of HES culture.

Management pays big attention to safety trainings to the team and regularly updates all standards and documentation. Each step of work, including: uniform, technical specification, type of construction site should be approved by HES department first. Our company provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment at all times.


  • Proactive – Employees actively engaging in safety initiatives and recognizing and reinforcing a proactive safety culture
  • Responsibility – Taking responsibility for the care of others and ourselves
  • Prevention – Focusing on incident prevent rather than reaction
  • Accountability- Management at all levels accountable for ensuring HSE Expectations are understood and demonstrate by the team.
  • Leadership – Active and Visible safety leadership and ensuring safety is given the highest priority at all times.



    Republic of Kazakhstan

    Atyrau region, Atyrau city

    Bayjigitova St. 31 B

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